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    Shas war

    The Shas War is a classic action game that follows the Arabic revolutionary history of trials, wars, and triumphs. A strategic game of war and conquest, Shas War is an intriguing game that will bring out the competitive conqueror in you. Shas War also plays an additional role in teaching children Middle-Eastern history by being an interactive medium. Our game-makers combined stunning visuals with an impeccable storyline while creating Shas War, so you can have a good time enjoying the game with children.

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    German War

    Germany: Once a country is known for inclusiveness, diversity, and sprawling streets now lies amidst a war, threatened by the world powers and its leaders who carry an inhumane goal. Once a free and powerful country that rose through the global ranks - the nation's people are now left at the mercy of its rebels as the Nazis focus on exterminating their citizens.

    The German War is a strategic game of war and conquest. It is an action game with a stunning display and storyline that will keep you hooked for hours. It is a story of the German war and the challenges faced by rebels and soldiers alike. This visually appealing, addicting, and intriguing game will keep you entertained for hours.

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    Fight and Conquer

    At Rawaa, our gaming experts aim to create action-packed movies with an exceptional storyline that will keep you entertained for hours. A strategic game of conquest and power, Fight and Conquer is the perfect blend of tradition and modernism. Fight and Conquer is a competitive game designed to bring out your creative side as you prepare to fight your enemies with armory, infantry, and allies.

    The strategic game enables you to craft the most effective strategies to outsmart and defeat your opponents. As a simulating action-packed game, this thriller is ideal for children as well as adults.

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    2048 Face

    If you are a fan of quizzes and addicted to answering one question after another to spend your free time, 2048 is the perfect match for you. Our creative, fun-filled trivia game consists of questions with a difficulty level that increases as you get more questions right. If you are in a competitive frame of mind and want to have a show-down with your friends, 2048 will help you do just that by putting together a perfect blend of challenging and intermediate trivial questions.

    Our 2048 trivia game is ideal for playing on game nights with family and stranded friends during the lockdown. Our impeccable gaming developers think out of the box to create questions that will keep you entertained.