We presently provide four games across various genres. These games are German War, Shas War, Fight and Conquer and 2048. However, our developers are constantly working to create more engaging and action-packed games.

You can download our games from the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store.

We specialize in simulation and strategy, action and adventure, and trivia genres. Our expert developers create intriguing storylines packed with fun and action that will engage your mind and boost your energy levels.

The children's activity on our gaming apps is adequately regulated and monitored. Our apps also fulfill all state rules and guidelines.

At Rwaa Games, we take pride in having the experience, qualifications, and resources necessary for developing high-quality games. These resources include highly innovative and high-tech gaming platforms and software applications. Our experts specialize in embedding their intriguing and creative gaming themes with technical specifications of the following programming tools and game engines;

  • Cocos 2D
  • Cocos 2D-X
  • Box2D
  • webAssembly
  • OpenAL
  • OpenGL

At Rwaa Games, our team of highly exceptional mobile developers design and conceptualize complex graphic themes using high spec and innovative programming tools. We strive to provide an outstanding mobile gaming experience to our focal audience. The high-quality graphics and addictive game themes make our games much more prevalent among both the Gen-Z and millennial users.

For any queries or customer support and services, you can contact us at our given hotline, or you send us an email at our given email address, and our customer representatives will get back to you.

Yes. Ensuring that your personal information provided by our users is protected at all costs is our utmost priority. We have created a general policy to monitor the protection of user data on all our gaming platforms. The data collected at our portal might include your personal details for the registration procedure, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, and cookies.

At Rwaa Games, we use a rigorous process to develop high-quality gaming applications. This is a three-stage procedure with various factors involved. The three stages of our game development process are called pre-production, production, and post-production.

The pre-production stage includes conceptualizing the theme, storyline development, production planning, and architectural design. The production stage consists of the invention, development, testing, and game application screening. The post-production stage includes deployment and maintenance.

Yes, our mobile gaming applications work on all kinds of platforms, including both IOS and Android. Our developers use the cross-platform mobile application that comprises various frameworks to design and develop the main application and then deploy it to multiple platforms. This means that you can now enjoy our games on all your devices.

A native application is specifically written for a single type of operating system such as Android or IOS. However, a hybrid app consists of native codes while relying on programming languages that all operating systems can understand. Both types of applications have their positives and negatives. Although developing a hybrid application is both cost-effective and faster to deploy to all mobile platforms, a hybrid application is comparatively smoother and quicker in terms of quality and performance.

Android is one of the best smartphone platforms that is used for the development of various mobile applications. This type of platform can run on multiple mobile devices and can support hundreds of applications. At Rwaa Games, we use many different Android development frameworks. Some of the best ones among these are;

  • Corona SDK
  • AppsBuilder
  • Ionic
  • React Native

Yes, we do have a server to develop multiplayer games. This allows us to ensure the protection and security of your data and software and ensure that it is not hacked or tampered with.

To assure the performance quality of our mobile gaming applications, we at Rwaa Games use rigorous screening and testing methods. We have assigned separate Quality Assurance and Quality Control divisions. Each product has to go through these to get complete approval before being deployed to the mobile platforms.

At Rwaa Games, we develop games for both IOS and Android platforms. For the development of applications that are compatible with the Android platform, we use the best software tool known as Android Studio. Our experts at Rwaa have both the experience and the knowledge to use this tool with expertise and ease. Some other programming tools that we use at Rwaa Games for developing games for Android are;

  • Unity 3D
  • cocos2dx
  • Flash
  • Marmalade
  • CryEngine and more

The mobile games created by Rwaa Games are not only addicting, thrilling, and fun, but they are also invigorating and energizing. The exceptional gamification techniques used by our mobile game developers and the brilliant creative themes developed by our creators make our multiplayer games much more exciting and addicting. The game mechanics and objectives are simple and straightforward and allow the users to build their skills to master the game. They keep the user hooked by providing them a sense of completion, satisfaction, and mastery.

JAVA and Unity are two of the best software tools widely used in the gaming world to develop two-dimensional and three-dimensional multiplayer games. Both of these tools are great. However, Unity 2D and 3D have captured a large market in the game development industry. It provides better tools and skills than JAVA for the development of mobile gaming applications. This is way more convenient, less time-consuming, and cost-effective than having to develop many things on your own, as in JAVA.

At Rwaa Games, we use both tools to create high-quality mobile applications with unique themes and attractive graphics.

At Rwaa Games, we manufacture gaming applications using highly specific guidelines that are created while keeping the users in mind. This includes the age, skill level, and mental capability of our users. Each one of our games is designed in a manner that makes them perfectly suitable for people from all age groups, including young adults and children.

The game mechanics and objectives are straightforward, while the theme is easy to understand and follow. Moreover, all our games are closely regulated, screened, and tested to ensure that they follow the regulatory guidelines, including parental policies. You can rest assured knowing that your kids will not be exposed to unregulated content. Instead, they will learn about history with our games, such as the German War and Shas War based on the history of Germany and the Middle East, and polish their analytical and strategic planning skills with our addicting, thrilling mobile games.