Action-Packed And Fun-Filled Games that will Keep You Entertained for Hours

We are the passion seekers who love to design gaming masterpieces for people who want to enjoy their leisure time in a fun way. You can now enjoy our fantastic range of high-quality games on your smartphones and spend quality time with your friends. Rawa Games is a team of highly qualified gaming developers who aim to create exceptional mobile games suited to the Arab market. With a variety of action-packed thrillers and trivial games, Rawa Games promises an unparalleled portable gaming experience. Developed and designed using cutting-edge programming tools and advanced development frameworks, our premium gaming applications bring high-resolution graphics and impressive specifications with thrilling storylines that will blow your mind.


High-Resolution Gaming on Your Smartphone

No longer do you have to wait till you're home with your gaming console to play your favorite games. With a team of experienced game developers, we bring high-resolution gaming to your smartphones. Our mobile gaming applications are developed using hybrid frameworks and are compatible with all kinds of development platforms, including Android and IOS.

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Simulation Strategy Games

Fight and Conquer is built to grow into one of the top simulation games. An old-school strategy game of war and conquest, this game will leave you hooked till its end. Now you can solve riddles, rule over kingdoms and fight a virtual army with our exciting simulation game. This game is designed to stimulate your mind and engage your strategy planning, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

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Addicting and Fun-Filled Thrilling Games

We worked hours on end to produce a variety of action war games that will challenge you and give you a rush of adrenaline. The exciting themes and high-quality graphics will surely leave you amazed.

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Never Get Bored with Your Smartphone Again

With a collection of intriguing games with a compelling storyline, we promise you will not be bored again. Our most popular games, The German War and Shas War, are designed with exceptional graphics and gaming tactics to ensure you have a great time. Rawa Games is the up-and-coming gaming giant based in Saudi Arabia, focused on providing entertainment across all genres. Download our games now for access to endless recreation and simulation.

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